Kneading Dough




You can't eat ?

No, seriously. It’s 2021 and we are still giving flowers that will die in less than a week. 

Not only is it not very sustainable but the fact you can’t eat them is pretty crazy in our minds.


At the Focaccia Florist, we make beautifully delicious floral bread bouquets using organic ingredients. 

We think gifts should always be delicious, good for you, and good to our planet. 

All our breads made to order, and are Zero Waste using British farm ingredients.

This means no air-miles (80% of the UK’s cut flowers are imported), no pesticides (with cut-flowers, you are buying a bouquet of pesticides)and no dead flowers to throw away​

But most important you can still have all the beauty of a bouquet of flowers guilt-free,

and the added bonus that you can make a sandwich with them.

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It's what's on the inside that counts

Save a Plant life!

We give 10% of Profits to our Chosen Charities - we are supporting Plantlife, a wild plant conservationist charity that raises the profile, celebrates the beauty and protects the future of our wild flowers and plants.

Kinda needed with all those flower choppers florists. 


The Focaccia Fairy​

Famous in Hampstead & North London, every week, the Focaccia Fairy secretly visits with a bouquet of bread to a nominated local hero to brighten their day! To nominate someone, contact the Focaccia Fairy via Insta @focacciaflorist 

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